A Céltrans’97 Mega & Special Transport Zrt.

Céltrans’97 Mega & Special Transport Zrt. was established in 1997 as a medium enterprise in 100% Hungarian ownership. In the past period, our business has undergone a dynamic development. This development is still in progress up to now. The main activity of our company is the supply of international freight, including goods stored in high containers.
Even the location of Céltrans'97 Zrt., in Győr right at the border is a “smart” building, extremely imposing and represents the state of the art, concerning the environment protection aspects, the 1,500-square-metre facility, consisting of a two-storey office building, three wagon workshop, truck wash and a new polishing chamber. With more than a thousand square meters of warehouse capacity and its freight forwarding operations, the company has a fleet of more than 100 saddle fittings.
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Company background

  • 2017Polisher and a locksmith workshop

    In 2017 the company expanded its sphere of activity by putting into operation an up-to-date polisher and a locksmith workshop. Fleet developing is in continuous progress, our company is working with more than 100 transport assets.
  • 2011Office building

    Imre Fodor, the founder of the company has dreamed about a modern and environmentally friendly (smart) office building, an up-to-date site with all the modern facilities. By 2011 his dream came true, his headquarters settled in a beautiful green environment, close to motorway M1, 30.000 square meters lorry parking, 100.000 litres of combustible in the self-operated petrol station and also a service workshop.
  • 1995Company started

    Our company started its transport activity in 1995, with one lorry as a self employed enterprise, later in 1997 it became a limited partnership. in 2003 a Limited Liability Company and only in 2013 it reached the level of Private Limited Company.


Tows:Type: DAF, Category: Euro VI., Average age: 1-2 years, Structure: jumbo - mega
Trailer: Type: Schmitz, Varios, Structure: mega saddle fittings, Average age: 1-2 years, Size: 13,6 m x 2,48 m x 3,0 m