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International forwarding

Thanks to our vehicle fleet, we specialized in the international transportation of light and bulky goods. We have many years of experience in this field, since we have been serving a significant number of international companies for many years and they are happy to use our services. The technical parameters and design of our vehicles meet the needs and expectations that require more and more service. Therefore, it is necessary to install all our vehicles with GPS satellite Fleet Tracking System.
We consider very important to protect the goods and our fleet of goods delivered by our customers with adequate insurance. Our CMR insurance (cover certificate, insurance) is capped at EUR 1,000,000.

Special transports

Technical data:
Transport with deep trailers and tankers up 114 tonnes
Length up to 40 m; Height up to 4,40 m
Complete transport

Organising transports with heavy weight and deep trailers
Process planning and handling
Organising, forwarding
Logistic services


Maintenance services

We can fulfil our warehousing and logistics tasks according to the needs of our customers
For more information, please feel free to contact our office.
Our tasks:
Arrival of the goods, downloading, control, supervision of goods, goods handing over. Warehousing special materials
Hungary: 10.000 m2 warehouse for goods on pallets
Slovakia: 8.000 m2 warehouse for chemicals and goods on pallets
DAF – Service station
Truck station
4x4 Hungary – Rally building motorways
Car wrecker service
Tyre service
Car and truck polishing